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About Us

Indian Fashion Guru is a brand that began with the idea of providing style and beauty tips to all of you lovely people without having to go bankrupt. (More often than not, we are led to believe that wearing an expensive piece of clothing will transform us into star personalities).

With that thought came the meticulous and thorough planning of how we could offer unique, beautiful products and yet be most reasonable. We strive to present products that do not need a perfect figure to appear perfect. Today, with this as our ultimate aim, we have a plethora of ever increasing range of products with affordable price tags. Whether it is a product on the lower range or a finer product towards the higher side of the price range, we always aim to provide 'Value for Money' to our customers.

Our first priority since the first day of launching Indian Fashion Guru is to serve our customers. It is not humanely possible to satisfy each and everyone's taste and expectations, so once in a blue moon there can be someone whose expectations are not fulfilled. Even in such cases it is our continuous effort that our customers should be satisfied and have a most pleasant experience dealing with our team. Incase you want to contact us just WhatsApp or Call us on +91-90-1566-1566 (we have no fixed working hours or weekends off, you can contact any time)